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CHIMEI Launches New PMMA Sheets to Meet Epidemic Prevention Demand

Addtime:2020/7/14 Views:1596


As the world's largest supplier of PMMA resins and sheets, CHIMEI has launched two new grades of PMMA sheets to meet the growing need for epidemic prevention materials. This effort supports preventive measures undertaken globally to effectively keep people safe while practicing social distancing in public areas, such as on public transportation, and in restaurants, banks, and offices. 

The first new grade is a general PMMA sheet that can be used as a screen, divider, or partition (e.g. at service counters). This grade is available in a transparent format, or in a matte format for greater privacy.

The second new grade is a customizable PMMA sheet that can be applied to indoor walls, ceilings, cabinets, dining table dividers, door panels, and furniture. This grade is available on request, with the option of incorporating wear-resistant, mildew-resistant, anti-bacterial, water-repellent, and high-gloss characteristics.

For further information, please contact Miss Wu:

Email: HMWU@mail.chimei.com.tw / service@mail.chimei.com.tw