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Linshine Subordinate to Chi Mei Technology,Chi Mei Technology was established in 1960 as a subsidiary of the Chimei Group. Our main business scope has evolved from plastic coloring and PE product processing in the past to providing the industry with precision Color Center color management. Chi Lin Technology has accumulated over 50 years of experience in the materials profession and more than 400,000 colors, as well as developed granular, sheet, and composite materials. Our innovative development conforms to the market demand for innovative green (environmentally friendly and energy conserving) materials.

Linshine has inherited the materials application profession, and we have continuously pursued the number one ranking and high quality and actively cultivated development energy. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to material application research, development, and promotion, assist customers in developing higher-quality and lower-cost products, and provide superior solutions and services for our customers.

Company core value and future outlook: Since the establishment of Linshine, our core value has always been to create our own utilization value and obtain greater benefit for the public. In the future, Linshine will maintain this spirit and continue to give back to society as well as contribute to the industry.